We are a team of innovators and entrepreneurs who are committed to using business as a force for good.  Our all-star cast includes scientists, physicians, nutritionists, and social innovators from across the world that are tackling iron deficiency.

Our staff

Tania Framst

Dr. Gavin Armstrong

Founder and CEO

Tania Framst

Tania Framst

Vice-President Operations and Sales

Lydia Summerlee

Lydia Summerlee

Impact and Partnership Specialist

Davuth Heam

Davuth Heam

Cambodia Operations Manager

Mark Halpren

Chief Financial Officer

Marianne Teoh

Regional Manager, Southeast Asia

Melissa Saunders

Melissa Saunders

Customer Service and Logistics Specialist

Jonah BrotmanAshley Leone

In-house Dietitian

Dr. Gavin Armstrong

Bianka Safian

Business Officer


Our board

Dr. Alastair Summerlee, Director of Research

Executive Director Kirchner Food Fellowship Program, Professor Biomedical Science, University of Guelph

Gordon Peters, Chair

Managing Director, Emerging Markets Consulting (EMC)

Christopher Charles MD, PhD

Resident in Anesthesiology at the University of Toronto. Inventor of the original concept behind the Lucky Iron Fish.

Jocelyn Mackie

Vice President of Operations and General Counsel, Grand Challenges Canada

Simon Cooper

Former President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific Marriott International, Inc (retired)

Steve Dauphin

Director, Food Security Group and Director, Kirchner Food Fellowship

Lucinda Revell

Director, SOMA Group Business Development Unit. BA Yale University, MBA from INSEAD in France and Singapore.

International Advisory Board

Dr. Gavin Armstrong

Nabil E. Hassan, MD

Pediatric Intensivist & Medical Director, Pediatric Blood Management at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, Clinical Professor, College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University 

Tania Framst

Patricia Ford, M.D.

Clinical Professor ACC, Director, Clinical Research Unit at Pennsylvania Hospital, Director, Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery, Director, Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation


Lydia Summerlee

Sherri J. Ozawa, RN

Executive Director, Society for the Advancement of Blood Management, Clinical Director, Institute for Patient Blood Management and Bloodless Medicine Surgery, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Lydia Summerlee

Elora Thorpe

Nurse Manager, Transfusion Safety, Patient Blood Management and Infusion Therapy at the University of Kansas Hospital